Lauren Thompson, RN - Chair

Lauren is currently a triage nurse at an OB/GYN office at DePaul Hospital. Previously, she worked as an orthopedic med/surge nurse for five years at St. Joseph's Health Center.

A life-long vegetarian, Lauren loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes. She and her husband love their golden retrievers and enjoy staying active by frequently participating in local races. 

Leslie Olin

Leslie currently works as a medical assistant in a family practice office in St. Charles.  She previously worked with a physician who was involved with the Engine 2 Health Immersion programs and was able to hear in person well known researchers and medical professionals featured on the popular documentary, Forks Over Knives.  She has seen first-hand the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle for people with diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Leslie is married with three college-aged children.  She enjoys time with family, reading, cooking (especially healthy recipes that look and taste awesome) and hiking/biking with her husband.

Dana Clark, RN

Dana and her husband of +35 years have two grown children. She is a native St. Louisan, enjoying Bible study, fitness, children, nature, and learning.

Her interest in health has directed her to be active, along with the group, in planning, organizing, and implementing a Vegetarian Supper Club. She has most recently gotten involved in the Health Expo experience and is excited to meet you there!

Jeanette Cowin, RN

Jeanette currently works as Triage/Charge nurse in the Cancer/Infusion Center at MoBap and has been a RN for 23 years.Over the last year she has achieved a substantial weight loss and accounts it to healthful eating and exercise. It has been very rewarding and loves to share new recipes and give support to those on the same path. She completed her first 5K over thanksgiving. Other interests include gardening, reading and loving on her 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 birds.



Paul and Darlene Moore

Paul: As a native of southern CA and a transplant here, in the St. Louis area. I enjoy gardening in the local communiy garden (Pacific Mo.), and cooking . I like it when we use the vegetales,herbs and fruit from the garden in our cooking of healthful, tasty dishes. 

I also like hiking in the many area park'swith my wife. I like good music, reading ,Bible study, watching SDA TV channels, travel, and a little guitar playing.

Helping others and at church is a joy of mine. Of course the best times to be had for me are spending time with my wife Darlene, our children, and grandchildren.

Darlene: As a wife, mother, and grandmother, who works full time, I appreciate the benefits that I derive from fitness and good nutrition. I find that adhering to the natural health laws affords me freedom of movement, flexibility, strength, fewer illnesses, clearer thinking, and a general sense of well-being. Since I want to be the best I can be for those I care for, these are important to me, and I consider them well worth the effort they require.

When I have the opportunity, I enjoy a good tennis match, a brisk walk, and many other physical activities; and I occasionally run in 5K races. I love being outdoors. Additionally, I like to read good books/articles that inform me or teach me, I like working with numbers (think Sudoku puzzles), and I greatly enjoy time with my family and other friends.I have a been a 'born-again' Christian since my early 20's, and as I continue to grow spiritually, I enjoy the great joy, peace, meaning, and satisfaction this brings.

Luke and Crystal Stoltzfus