Demonstrations for the Upcoming Health Expo to be Announced.

12:30 PM - The Five Minute Massage

By the end of this demonstration you will have learned how to give a simple and relaxing massage to help decrease stress and improve health. This effective massage can be learned by all ages!

1:00 PM - Hydrotherapy Demo

The healthful use of water can be used for more than bathing and drinking, it has healing properties as well.  Watch this hydrotherapy demonstration that packs powerful results.

1:30 PM - The Five Minute Stretch

Adding stretching to your daily routine will not only help improve flexibility, it also reduces muscle tension, improves range of motion and increases circulation. It is so simple to do, you may want to do it twice - every morning and evening!

2:00 PM - Charcoal Poultice

Charcoal has natural healing properties when taken internally or applied as a poultice.  This demo shows a simple method for making and storing a charcoal poultice so you'll always have one handy.

2:30 PM - Vegetarian Cooking Demo

This is our most popular demonstration.  Watch and learn how simple it can be to make a tasty vegan dish.  Before this class begins, be sure to stop by the food samples and taste several delicious plant-based recipes.