Are We Full of Filth?

By John Kannenburg

Most think of constipation as being solely associated with the inability to defecate on a regular basis. But no, one can be constipated in their lungs, liver, lymph system and even skin. Did you
know that the skin is an organ of elimination? It is also known as the “third kidney” as it gives off over a pound of gaseous, liquid, and solid waste products each day (when functioning properly).

The body has seven main channels of eliminating its waste products: Blood; Bowels; Kidneys; Lymph, Lungs, Liver, and Skin. When any one of these is not functioning properly, the others have to carry the load. Often, they can't handle it. And so the entire system gets backed up and you have disease. This is the true definition of constipation.

One of the key modalities we use in our cleansing programs is hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is the liberal use of water internally and externally, especially in the form of hold and cold baths, alternating hot and ice packs and the like. This stimulates the perfusion of blood and oxegenates the cells while carrying off waste products.

We had a gentleman come through our institute doing a 10-day intense cleansing and healing program.

We had this man in the sauna, the jacuzzi, the steam bath ---and we could not get him to sweat! We finally put him into a neutral temperature bath and Pop! all those millions of sweat glands, which had been plugged for years, opened up. The water turned a foul color as the constipated organ, the skin, released its foul matter. Minutes later he remarked about how amazing he felt. No wonder!

We often see this as people go through these cleanses. Pent up toxins finally are released. But often the person initially often feels worse as these are migrating out of the body. Later, the mind and body feel amazing when freed from these things. When was the last time you felt truly good in your entire being?

When we are plugged up all over, the body begins to autointoxicate. That is, the body begins to reabsorb toxins that were intended for disposal. Even the FDA says that the average American has between 7-22 lbs of fecal matter inside of them at any one time. What would you suppose would be the effect of a body continually sitting in its own filth, all the way down to the cellular level? Aches? Check. Migraines? Check. Arthritis? Check. Lethargy and poor sleep? Double

Remember, no drug can cure permanently fix problems caused by poor eating and lifestyle habits. Clean living is the key to healthy living.

John's Hot Tips

  • Drink lots of water
  • Sweat, either from exertion or from a sauna/jacuzzi, to open the skin's pores
  • Eats foods containing fiber (fruits, vegetables, grains) to help
  • Evacuate the colon of old fecal material.

John Kannenberg is director of the Great Western Health Foundation