Summer Bounties

By Liz Erker, RD LD MS

Buying locally grown food is becoming more and more popular. If you haven’t started doing this already, summer is the perfect time of year to start. Check out Sunnydale Farms - delivered to 16800 Baxter Road in Chesterfield each Tuesday! Check out the variety of fruits and veggies. Stock up on tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and try the recipe for Chilled Tuscan-Style Tomato Soup which I have adapted from Good Housekeeping. 
Healthy living starts early in life and most of us carry with us the habits that were formed at a very young age. Make sure that your family is headed on the track to wellness by incorporating these 5 basic healthy habits into your family lifestyle: 

  • Eating for health - mostly plants!!!
  • Drinking loads of water - it helps us metabolize fat!
  • De-stressing -  learn tools to help you manage the stress in your life
  • Getting adequate sleep - 7-8 hours nightly
  • Staying active - If you haven’t done so, you should download the Pokemon GO app to get you up and out exploring our parks and surrounding areas (be aware of your surroundings, avoid playing at night alone, avoid driving while playing and watch where you are going!!!)



Liz Erker, RD LD MS

Liz is a Certified Health Coach with Take Shape For Life and registered dietitian through the American Dietetic Association.  She educates, supports and develops a plan for making healthy lifestyle choices that will improve one’s quality of life. Liz Erker is a registered dietician and has worked in the field of nutrition for more than 25 years. She helps to educate individuals in nutrition knowledge, weight loss, weight management and food intolerances and sensitivities. In addition to working with individuals, and participating in community outreach Liz welcomes teaming with physicians, personal trainers and family members.